FERC Relicensing

Patriot Hydro is currently in the process of relicensing several of its hydroelectric facilities.

Relicensing information for the Gorham Project (FERC No. 2288) and J. Brodie Smith Project (FERC No. 2287) located on the Androscoggin River in New Hampshire may be found at: https://www.smithgorhamrelicensing.com/ 

Relicensing information for the Lawrence Project (FERC No. 2800) located on the Merrimack River in Massachusetts may be found at:  https://lawrencerelicensing.com/

For questions, please contact Kevin Webb at info@patriothydro.com

Piedmont INT

River Flows

River Flow Information Hotline (603) 624-0779

Flows will be updated May 1, 2024 to October 15, 2024.

Plymouth USGS flow gage

Flows will be updated May 1, 2024 to October 15, 2024.

Goffs Falls USGS flow gage

Merrimack River Project Shoreline Management Plan (SMP)

Patriot Hydro regulates certain aspects of shoreline development at its Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Merrimack River hydroelectric project, which includes the impoundments of the Amoskeag, Hooksett and Garvins Falls dams in the cities and towns of Manchester, Hooksett, Pembroke, Allenstown, Bow and Concord, New Hampshire, north to approximately the former location of the Sewall’s Falls dam.

For questions, please contact Curtis Mooney at info@patriothydro.com

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